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"KARATE"-an oriental system of unarmed combat using the hands and feet to deliver and block blows.

Summers are nearing and parents who want their kids to be active and stand out look for several innovative options to engage their kids. Working parents who do not have any plans this summer must be wondering what can be the best option to stay back and burn some energy. The culture and myth that we are all raised in has left an impact in our minds that karate training is not a great idea for kids especially girls.

Having brought up by playing video games, watching TV shows and action centred movies filled with violence and gory injuries, leaves us surprised that karate is actually beneficial to kids for their physical and mental development. Every day we come across some or the other incidents of crime against women, which gives us a clear picture of the most alarming situations in the current scenario that self-defence is a must. To defend ones dignity or their loved ones, it is vital to get trained to safeguard one’s self from the most unexpected mishaps. Hence Karate training is one such self-defence coaching which trains your thinking and reacting power at the same time, mentally prepares you to safeguard one’s self. Hence, the importance of Karate falls in place in such situations. Having said that worldwide ratio of females opting for martial arts like Karate is way lesser than males due to the stereotype culture being carried in our society. 

Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Haddad- demonstrates Karate training to the age group 6-10 years

Let's have a one-to-one conversation with the Karate Maestro of the Middle East Region- Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Haddad, a very interesting and positive personality indeed.

1- Please enlighten us with your Karate Training journey- I fell in love with the martial arts from that day as I understood the movements," Mr al Haddad says. "It is a true art and when you concentrate, you use every cell in your body. Master Hideki was an incredible teacher and man who spent his life helping those less fortunate. He was like a father to me, but sadly passed away." I eventually founded the Shotokan Japanese Sports Centre in Sharjah, in 1979, to teach the JKA way. Known as the keeper of karate's highest tradition, the JKA is the largest such organisation with a presence in more than 100 countries. I stand ready to help others benefit from his experience.

"I hold black belt 7th Dan from Japan Karate Association, which is the hiighest belt in the Middle East and Africa. I teach the traditional Japanese Karate".

2- From how many years are you training?- I started training when I was 15 years old and still do. I am 65 years old now.

3- Why do you think parents come especially to you for training their kids?- It's a matter of mutual trust, I trust every parents instinct about his/her own child and they trust my way in teaching every individual in a suitable method according to their personalities.

4- What is the percentage of boys and girls who come for training?- 75% boys and 25% girls.

5- Do you think it is as important for girls as boys to obtain Karate training?- I think it is very important for girls as well as boys to learn Karate. A girl is physically different from a boy, which in any way does not mean that she is weaker, but she needs a perfect sport for her body and here comes Karate.

a- Karate uses every muscle in the body so she wouldn't have muscle growth that may imbalance her appearance.

b- Her muscles become flexible and yet strong.

c- Karate is a martial art that does not require full combat with opponent so the female can defend herself from a distance without having to engage physically with the opponent but punches and kicks from away with maneuvering.

d- Karate will boost a girl's confidence of her hidden power.

6- What are the benefits of Karate?- Of all sports, Karate stands out as a sport that is, not only physical but also spiritual, moral and educational.

Physical Importance- Karate utilizes all the body muscles, supporting a child's growth giving them more flexibility and more control.

Spiritual Importance- Karate teaches us how to breathe and it provides us with serentiy.

Moral Importance- Karate instills respect and discipline.

Educational Importance- Karate instills in a child the significant character building issues, such as patience, self-confidence, and self-esteem. It teaches logic and creativity.

7- What is the apt age to initiate Karate training?- One can start learning Karate at any age, young or old does not matter. But starting Karate should not be of an age less than 5 years because we want the child to comprehend and work accordingly.

8- Which are your training centers in the UAE?- I have a Shotokan Japanese Sports Center in Sharjah established in 1979 as the first Karate Center in UAE. I also teach at Pharaohs club in Wafi, at the Sharjah English School and Victoria English School.

Above- A preview into Mr. Haddad's class being conducted at the Pharaohs club in Wafi.

We are here sharing the reasons why you should consider karate training as the best option for your kids this summer and the importance for young girls to opt for self-defence training.

Nurturing Self-Discipline – Karate is one such action oriented physical training which focuses on nurturing self-discipline. Now day’s kids are so agile they grab whatever they see around themselves, hence it becomes difficult for parents to inculcate self-restraint and discipline. Kids who undergo karate training are constantly reminded of self-discipline.

Enhancing Socialization Skills –Kids who are not financially active, gel well with peers who share same interest. Karate is one such training where pairing with unknown peers are made within partner driven forms.

Boosting Physical Activity –Limiting screen time encourages kids to be more active. This trait boosts inactive child’s sedentary lifestyle and inspires the kid to be physically active and keep moving.

Learn to set goals – The valuable lessons taught throughout the training enables kids to set goals for the next stage.

Boosts self-Esteem – Every new move in Karate training enhances the kids’ self-esteem and confidence which may be an issue in other activities the kid participates in. This activity sorts out the self-worth realization of the kid.

Enhances listening skills – Learning this form of martial art requires unwavering respect towards the trainer. Kids who could not adapt well to paying attention to instructions will be trained to take instructions from seniors/masters at the same time will improve their listening skill.

Conflict Resolution Skills – Karate training teaches kids to resolve conflicts without any violence. It also emphasizes how to avoid physical dispute.

Enhancing Teamwork skillsTeam work is an important skill that allows one to achieve set goals with the contribution of each individual in the team. Karate hence enhances teamwork skill.

If the parents are still in a confused state of mind for encouraging karate as an activity, we would recommend you to speak to a few of the well-known karate coaching classes, instructors to look at the positive side of the activity. 

To avail the best of Karate in the Dubai & Sharjah-

Contact Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Haddad @- The Shotokan Japanese Sports Center in Sharjah- +971-6-5680160

Fb- Abdul Rahman Al Haddad


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